Indian classical vocal music is divided into two categories: Hindustani and Carnatic. Hindustani music & Carnatic music are the two main poles of classical Indian music. The central notation in both these systems is that of a melodic mode or raga, sung to a rhythmic cycle or tala. Both the Indian music styles have the same origin & sources according to ancient scriptures and have many differences too.
Music Castle offers Regular term/short term/extended term vocal singing courses for voice training.
The regular and online vocal music – singing classes are offered for learning to sing the following music Genre :

• Indian classical vocal music – Hindustani / Carnatic
• Indian semi – classical music – Light classical vocal
• Western vocal (classical voice lessons / popular singing lessons)

Classes we are taking as like 2 types.
1. Introductory / Intermediate / Advanced level courses – 6 / 12 months duration.
2. Hobby learning classes for All – of unlimited duration.

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